Cafe Titanic

I'm a big fan of Titanic and it's one of my favorite movies because of Leonardo's dreamy looks and incredible acting skills! Every time I watch it, I hope that Jack can survive this time around but he doesn't so I always burst in tears (enough to drown the Titanic hihihi), anyways I digress... So when I found out about Cafe Titanic, I was instantly curious. Although it has nothing to do with Leo, it does have something to do with another love of my life: FOOOOOOD!

445 Rue Saint-Pierre
Montreal, QC H2Y 2M8

I visited Cafe Titanic with Phoebe shortly before leaving for Cuba. We were browsing brunch photos late at night and I remembered that I wanted to visit this place because I read raving reviews on Yelp. Because it was late at night, I accidentally remembered the wrong address so when we got to Old Port, we were very lost : P Since none of us have a data plan, we stumbled around looking for leaked spots of Wifi (too cheap to buy a drink at Van Houtte and abuse their wifi)! We magically found a random spot in the middle of the street that had wifi connection so we googled its real address. 

Cafe Titanic is located underground on one of those side streets that aren't too interesting looking and you wouldn't have noticed it if you passed by. 

Cafe Titanic is actually a cafeteria with a laid back mood. We got there a bit before lunchtime to avoid the crowds. It was completely empty when we walked in but the food was fresh outta the oven!

*looks around* No Jack in the vicinity : C

Phoebe got a Mac n Cheese that was fresh and hot, it was the most delicious mac'n cheese my mouth has ever met! I'm drooling just thinking about its cheesy flavors <3 The plate was pretty big too! I'm definitely coming back for it!

I got an overflowing veggie pesto sandwich. The first few bites were pretty good but there was a weird taste half way through so I don't know what to think of it. It was so big that I couldn't even finish half! I was so full and packed the rest for home.

Even though the cafeteria is in a basement, it is brightly lit : ) *photographer's pet peeve when there isn't enough light for my shot >: B*

I know Olive & Gourmando is a very popular sandwich shop in the Old Port but people have got to come to Titanic because they also offer delicious sandwiches (according to Yelp) and THE MAC AND CHEESE IS GODLY! The service was super friendly too : )