Tropical Breeze

School is back in session and I've just had one of the busiest first week of school! Lots of meetings and preparation for the FSA, I've never been this involved in school related activities =P. 
The weather has been unusually cold this week, it feels as if we're already in the middle of autumn! I'm super excited for all the fall trends but I need to watch my wallet because I want to go on a trip this winter break! I wanna escape the Montreal cold! But for now, I'll escape through these pictures I took in Cuba two weeks ago : ] 

I've never been to a tropical country before so I was absolutely fascinated with the beautiful palm trees. I liked how the leaves danced with the wind and I always watched to see if a coconut was gonna fall out the tree and hit someone on the head like in cartoons =P.


A happy print for a happy day under the sun : - )

The sand felt like powder tickling my toes and the sun was so incredibly bright! Gotta soak up all this sun (and get my dose of vitamin D) so that I have enough to last the Canadian winter!

Two grasshoppers in love separated by sand castles!

These grasshoppers were made of palm tree leaves by a talented worker at the resort : ) So cute!

Looking at these sunny pictures warms up my heart already : ) 

I'll be putting up the full Cuba posts very shortly! Please look forward to it~