Memories Varadero Resort

Two weeks ago, I went on an all inclusive trip to Cuba with Monkey and a bunch of friends. At first we had planned a double date trip with another couple but other friends decided to join us. It turned out to be super fun because a bigger group = more energy! I took over 1.5k pictures and it was so hard picking only a "handful". Therefore, I split my post into the resort and the real Cuba. This post will be about the resort:

We stayed at Memories Varadero Resort, a four star resort. We read a lot of mixed reviews online and after going there I see why. This resort is pretty new and it is one of the biggest in Varadero, therefore it is hard to maintain a consistent quality all throughout the numerous apartment complexes. Monkey and I paid 645$ for the package so we definitely got better than what we paid for unlike my friend who paid almost 1000$ (she joined us the latest) had a lot of problems with her room : C All in all, we were pretty pleased with this resort and the only reason why we wouldn't come back is because THE WORLD IS SO GRAND! There are many more places to explore!!!

The first thing we did after we got there was run to the beach! I've never been to a beach that was this beautiful in my life! Turquoise water, blue skies dotted with puffy clouds and pale powdered sand, my eyes couldn't believe it! Even though I've seen a lot of pictures of beautiful beaches on the web, being there is a whole different feeling! 

The most naked I'll ever get on the internet : P 

Most of the huts near the water were taken by noon but we still managed to find some in the back rows.

Sitting under a hut is necessary or else prepare to be burned like a lobster in an oven!

The talented artist that made hats and grasshoppers outta palm tree leaves!

Grasshopper hopped onto Monkey's head!

I really liked our resort, it had a very tropical feeling! It was huge so a walk to the beach from our apartment complex took about 10 minutes *under the blazing sun*

The maids sometime leave pretty flowers in our room : )

There are two pools in our resort: a quiet pool and an activity pool (pictured above). This pool is packed with people of all ages! There's even a bar under a "waterfall" that's really cool! Because there are so many people, it's also much dirtier than the quiet pool. Lots of hair, empty cups, cigarette ash floating in the pool! 

The perks of having a boyfriend! You don't even need an inflatable animal, you can just use your boyfriend : ) HIHIHI! I saw a grown-up man on the beach with an inflatable animal, he was just hanging onto it while the waves crashed onto the floaty. It was such a peculiar sight!

Monkey, being the reckless weakling he is, injured his foot while playing volleyball mid-trip so he couldn't go inside the water for the rest of the trip =___=;;; So he just spent his days reading.

The apartment building where Monkey and I stayed was really close to the lobby and buffet (hihihi close to food <3)

The food at the buffet was really meh. Everyone complains about the food in Cuba so we had really low expectations. In the end, I think the food was alright, you kinda get used to it. Everything mostly tastes the same but the fish was really delicious : ) 

Pretty jars of spices!

The mangos were definitely the sweetiest and juiciest I've ever tasted! So yummy!

Quoting my friend: "Wow that just ruined my childhood..."

Most nights were spent in the lobby, lining up for drinks.

The boys enjoying their cigars, they went to great lengths to get their discounted cigars : P

Daytime is too hot but night time is the perfect temperature! Sitting on the beautiful patio sipping on some Ron Punch is a great way to end a day : )

The resort had shows every night and one of the shows we watched was aqua ballet, later on, some of the boys attempted to recreate the ballet =P LOOOOL!

There were many excursions if you did not want to stay at the resort the entire week, among the excursions we went on, the catamaran cruise was definitely a crowd pleaser!

It was scorching hot on the net when the boat was at the dock but once the boat set sail, the breeze was super refreshing!

Our animators were extremely energetic and pumped everyone up with fun music and dancing! This guy went around the boat pouring rhum in everyone's mouth! It was so funny, he pulled all of the "ocho chinos" (eight "Chinese" aka my group of friends) from the net and made us dance to Gangnam Style on the deck. He also made an elderly woman dance to some Cuban beats! 

Everyone went snorkeling except for me 'cause I can't swim : C

Chillaxing on the beautiful white beach of Cayo Blanco! Some of my friends got stung by jellyfish so they were too scared to go inside the water : P 

I was obsessed with the fish statue in our resort. The poor fish in the middle that got all the water poured onto his head. He had a funny lost expression too : P Yeah... me relating myself to inanimate objects!

One of the a la carte restaurants that we visited. Makes me miss Japan! And also, I really wanna steal the cook's shirt! It has bamboos on it and lenapanda likes bamboos!

The food was actually really yummy! A bit too salty but tasty!

Sunset by the beach!

Actually the sun set in the opposite direction of our beach so we admired the colorful sky!

Tried to take long-exposure shots of the stars without a tripod... BWUAH!

We got a bottle of champagne from the bar for our last night! 

Although our trip was supposed to be romantic, it was totally not romantic =P Most of the time, I was nagging Monkey. The only romantic thing was probably the towel arrangements our maid made for us hehe!

Sadly our trip had to come to an end!

A few days after we came back, I was really nostalgic. Everything made me miss Cuba! I miss not having anything to worry about and the best thing was: we were completely cut off the world! There was no wifi in our resort and internet was expensive and slow so for a whole week, we were disconnected! It felt so awesome to be in the moment instead of thinking about: "I need to my update -insert social media platform- about the cool things I'm doing!!!"

I definitely need more trips like that: where I can just unplug and soak in all the views, scents and feelings of the present.