Milestone at the end of Summer

Today is the first day of September and this is my 100th blog post  : ) I am so happy and I wanna thank you all for reading my blog! I didn't think I'd last this long when I first started my blog but I'm really happy I kept blogging!

I have been blogging and recording my memories ever since high school (7+ years ago) but they were all private blogs. I remember back in the days, I'd look at pictures taken with a DSLR and be in awe of the quality and composition. I wished that I could own a DSLR one day and take equally pretty pictures. After I got my first real job, I saved every penny for the first 2 months so that I could buy the camera of my dreams! I finally got my DSLR in the fall of 2009. Although, I had a DSLR, I didn't really know how to control all the parameters and I shot with automatic modes for the next two years. When I went on my Euro trip, I decided to try manual settings. I wasn't used to manual so I'd go back and forth between auto and manual. It wasn't until I started my blog that I learned how to use all the buttons properly! 
Recently, a few friends have commented on my pictures and said that I improved! It made me really happy! I've been so focused on progressing that I forgot that I did progress! I think I know now what type of photography and what type of equipment suits my style.
A few days ago, I sold my Samyang 85mm f/1.4 manual lens, the one I bought in back in spring. I had been thinking about it for some time but I didn't have the heart to part with it. I thought: "maybe someday I'll need it! I can only do the Brenizer effect with this lens!" The blur is amazing but it's hard to capture action because of manual focus.  And so this lens sat idle in my room for 4 months. That's 300$ sitting uselessly in my drawer! So I decided to sell it so that I can pay back Monkey for generously paying my Cuba trip : P I'm definitely gonna buy another 85mm but next time, it'll be with autofocus!

I sure blabbered a lot so onto the pictures:

Before I left for Cuba, I met up with my housemate Diane and my friend Sophie for some chilling times! Of course chilling means taking pictures!

Went inside a mini forest next to Diane's house, came out with bajillion mosquito bites : P

Diane says the sleeves of my dress (worn as a top) looks like flagella!

Running out of the mosquito-infested forest!

Diane lent me tons of beach clothing (maxi dress, bikini, sundresses, beach cover-ups), oh what would I do without her?!? The perks of having a fashionable housemate = collective closet! 

We ate at a cheap Chinese restaurant in the south shore (they had a big bowl of noodles for 5$ VAT?! can't remember the name but it's located next to the old Kim Phat). We had dessert at Le Palmier Glace

I've always liked this place because of its beachy vibe! It reminds me of California with its surfers or Miami with its shops and palm trees lined across the beach. Since I had never been to a tropical country (didn't go to Cuba yet), I thought that stepping into this ice cream shop was like transporting myself to a tropical place!

Spending time with friends before school gets all hectic again!

I have this way of licking my choco-vanilla softserve icecream so that the icecream forms stripes : ]

I'm determined to keep eating ice cream even if it's not summer anymore!