YAY I just finished putting together my stage paper and powerpoint for my presentation : ) Finally, I can breathe a little bit!  Continuing from last post, Miss Adri and I met up to eat brunch at Sparrow. This place has been receiving a lot of hype online so we wanted to check it out, to see if it lives up to its hype! When we got there, the place was full so the hostess asked us to come back in 30 minutes. No problem, since it's right next to some really cute stores. 

 When we came back 30 minutes later, we had to wait another 15 minutes before we got properly seated. With such long wait times, you'd expect the food to be amazing right? Well... it sure looked amazing but the two dishes Miss Adri and I got were very plain. 

Their menu isn't that extensive although the choices are pretty unique (chicken and waffles?) and the prices are a bit steeper than your usual brunch places. 

Miss Adri looking pretty in her new hairdo : ) Everyone's going short, I feel like chopping my hair too!!! Anyways, I digress

I got pulled pork and Adrienne got huevos rancheros with a melon juice. 

You can tell who's the more adventurous one outta us two HEHE! The only thing I liked about my plate was the small hashbrown balls because the english muffin was way too hard and the pulled pork didn't taste special. Adrienne's huevos rancheros looked like a plate of goo combined with a piece of really really REALLYYYY hard pita bread. There was no texture or consistency (apart from the hardass pita) to Adrienne's plate so I didn't like it very much. It felt like eating soup on a plate with a fork : / 

It seems like I'm being more critical than usual :P I'm not dismissing Sparrow and I'd definitely give it another go (once my wallet is replenished) but I didn't enjoy the plates we picked. At least the service was really good : )  

Thought that the bathroom looked really cool with its slanted ceiling!

Since I work in restauration, I know that there are some bad days (when your food isn't that fresh) and some good days (when your food is super fresh) so maybe we came on a bad day? It was quite crowded. Although I think huevos rancheros just aren't my thing, I would like to try the other items on the menu!