Vintage Lovers Beware!

Hey guys, I'm being a lazy blogger right now because summer is coming to an end and I'm stuck at home, preparing for a new school year! I'm posting pictures from over two weeks ago when I had a hangout with Miss Adri

Adrienne and I decided to meet outside a metro station and there was a random piano in the middle of the street. Some guy was playing it while his kid buddies waited for him : P No idea if this piano belonged to anyone or if it's for the sake of street art but it was really cool! It even has a face!

My mom, being a typical asian mom always looked down on second hand clothes. So ever since I was young, I've been drilled with superstitious beliefs that you'd get aids and all kinds of diseases from wearing strangers' hand-me-downs. I remember when I was still in high school, vintage started to become allllll the rage! New clothes just weren't as cool as the one of a kind super cheap bargain you find in a thrift store! Since I'm a lazy panda, going through racks and racks of ugly fashions discouraged me. I tried thrifting a couple of times but never found anything that matched me. So I decided that I don't like second hand stores, that is, until Adrienne brought me to the coolest thrift shop ever!

Boutique Eva B *thanks to Lily for the name of this place because I totally didn't catch it*
2015 St Laurent Blvd

Even before entering, your senses are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff occupying the space! 

They had different sections ranging from really cheap goods to more refined vintage finds to costumes, they even had multiple floors!

This is a big pit of clothes that is supposedly a few meters tall?! Everything in this huge pit is 1$, if you are an avid digger, knock yourself out! I know that I was too scared to fall inside the pit and drown in piles of clothes! 

Freaky body parts dangling in the air : P



There is a cafe inside the shop and the shop assistant made us try a coriander lemonade, it was really yummy : ) 


Cute A-line skirt for 5$!

Are you dizzy yet from all the stuff???

If you're tired of shopping, grab a seat on the second floor patio while your friend rummages through more stuff!

They even had a patio downstairs and you can walk in and not buy anything and just sit there : ) *future hangout idea?* 

Free popcorn! I didn't take one because I only noticed it was free when I was editing the picture =P

This shop is really cool and quite a few things caught my eye but I only left with a scarf. I'm excited to go back there again! Maybe I'll try and find my Halloween costumes there ;-D