Shades of Blue

Blue is my favorite color and its symbolism varies as much as its shades. Blue is associated with the sky, freedom, peacefulness, better opportunities and life but it is also symbolic for sadness, nostalgia and loneliness. I'm currently swept with the latter emotions ever since coming back from Cuba! It was one of the most relaxing and smooth trips I've taken in my life! Nothing much went wrong and the weather was in our favor the entire week! Talk about being a good escape from reality! 

I'm leaving you guys with a Cuba OOTD before my full blown picture posts : ) Reason for this is because I still have a couple of posts from before I left to post. 

Hope you like these pictures!

Dress: Urban Outfitters *no make up 'cause it was too hot to apply some LOL*

Adrienne picked this dress for me when we were shopping a few weeks back. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have it! Flowers on a navy background? That just screams Lena! This dress was pretty revealing and low-cut and LOOONG so I felt a bit shy wearing it >///< Checking up every 10 minutes to see if my *nonexistant* boobs fell out of one of the many holes : P 

The dress is made of rayon so it's very light, airy and flowy. Perfect for a hot day in the city!

Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, gorgeous neoclassic architecture! Old Havana is an UNESCO world heritage site and is really different from the rest of Cuba!

PiƱa colada inside a pineapple! It was very creamy : )

One of my goals was to drink coconut milk from a real coconut! Mission accomplished!

I'm really missing Cuba right now! I wish we had more time to explore other parts and more authentic parts of Cuba. I was told before going that the people over there are really poor but it wasn't until I saw it with my own eyes that I felt a knot of regret for not bringing things to give away to the people : C 

If you're reading my blog, then chances are that you live in a first world country. Don't take for granted your life. Our problems will never be as big as the ones of people struggling to survive so during your hard times, take a step back and be grateful for what you already have. If we were granted everything we wished for, we'd be more miserable than if we didn't : )