Long or Short?

How about both! Miss Adri and I had our usual Sunday hangouts last week and I wore my Topshop "long-short" skirt for the first time (I bought it last fall)! I'm not a big fan of the high-low trend on me but I loveeee the long see-through skirt trend that shows off your legs : ))) In my opinion, a bit of transparency in the right places can make make your outfit look classy yet still sexy in that did-you-see-her-sexy-silhouette kinda way ;D 

Credits to Miss Adri for my OOTD pictures : )

We found a mini park in the middle of nowhere and there was a patch of light that seemed ideal for an OOTD! A tank top and a skirt is my uniform for summer. There's nothing breezier than a light tank with a skirt that lets your legs breaaathe! 

Striped tank: Korea 
Lace skirt: Topshop
Sandals: G-market

I love lace as well as all dainty things!

This really cute nautical-inspired scarf with hearts, anchors and tassels that I scored for 3$ at a cool second-hand shop! A post is coming up soon, it's crazily fun in there :-D! So happy that Adrienne brought me there!

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Since we're on the topic of long and short:

When Adrienne saw these pictures, she laughed and said: "He said he was this big!" 

"But it was actually this small!" I couldn't believe that it came outta her mouth : O! 

It was totally out of context! She was talking about the difference of focal lengths between my wide 10-20mm lens and her close-up 50mm lens in the picture : P