Hey Sailor!

Last Friday, we celebrated Niv's 22nd birthday in the Old Port!
The plan was to grab late dinner at Dolcetto & co and hop on the overnight boat club at midnight! The restaurant's adorable nautical atmosphere totally fit our plans! However, due to everyone's conflicting work schedules, we had to reschedule the boat *fingers crossed for this Friday*. 

There were some hats hanging on the walls so after a few sips of alcohol, Niv took the hats and put them on her head =P I think nobody in the room was as amused by the hats as we were *giggle giggle*

Nautical inspired clothes are some of my favorite styles : 3 I wish I could've kept those hats for future theme parties! 

Hand-made card by Lily : )

Birthday girl opening her gifts : )

151 Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal QC H2Y 1Z6

Dolcetto & Co is a cozy Italian wine bar in the heart of Old Montreal. They serve foods in appetizer style. Everything is meant to be shared and don't expect a filling meal!

Invading people's privacy since 1991 (my birth year)! It was totally cramped when we got there, thank goodness we made reservations! 

I love the attention to detail in this place! The big letters on the walls gives this place a very down-to-earth and youthful appeal. 

I was joking around saying that we should use the grissini (thin bread sticks) as chopsticks and be really asian :}

Our seat had a very beautiful view of the Old Port : ) 

Spicy prosciuttino, it was really yummy with some olive oil on a fresh slice of bread! 

We ordered some gnocchi with truffle cream (favorite of the night) and two different mini pizzas: one with roasted eggplant with caramelized onions and ricotta cheese and another with pear and pine nuts. The roasted eggplant one was super yummy, the pear and pine nut did not strike in flavor but was still enjoyable.

HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY TO THE CARROTY CARROT! We're getting old so start harvesting yourself!

Tiramisu cake! The lady at the cake shop gave me a funny look when I told her that I wanted to write: Happy Birthday Carrot! on the cake.

Captain sexy-shadow-blush and Captain eat-a-lot at your command!

It seems like one of those nights,
This place is too crowded.
Too many cool kids, uh uh, uh uh (who's Niv anyway, ew?)
It seems like one of those nights,
We ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming!!!

We had wayyyy too much fun playing with our Iphone flashlights. We took some hilarious flashlight nipple pictures but I'm keeping my blog PG-13 so no pictures of scandalous behavior ;D

Niv's skirt reminds me of a colorful kaleidoscope!

The weather was spectacular that night! Truly one of those romantic summer nights spent with good company!