Hit & Miss

I always feel that ordering from Asos is a tricky business yet I let myself gamble hoping that it would be different this time around. Like the last few times I ordered, it was a hit and a miss.


This mini bodycon dress is from the UK brand River Island and it is simply amazing! I went into River Island last year when I was in the Netherlands and loooooveeee their styles!
Asos was having a sale so I got this dress for around 35$ The material is quite thick and tight so it holds all the love handles in >:-D I love the metallic details and it reminds me of something a modern Cleopatra would wear! I don't have any bold items in my closet so I thought: why not? This is by far the most daring dress I have.


The metallic strap definitely grabbed my attention when I was browsing Asos! I also liked how the white straps criss-crossed each other. The sandals are very comfortable but they look quite chunky on my foot : P I hate it when something looks good alone but not on you >___< DARN IT!
So in the end, I'm quite disappointed with these shoes, I have no idea how I'm gonna incorporate them with my wardrobe but I'll figure it out D:

Online shopping is eating away my soul (and wallet)! I need to get another hobby D;