Cupcakes, Rainbows and Unicorns!

Everyone in my surrounding knows I hate cooking, baking or anything having to do with food preparation (ironically I'm in Food Science, it's a whole other story I try to tell people :P)
I love eating but don't like cooking :P I just find it a big hassle as I'm a lazy panda *excuses* D: but doing it with a friend is always funner than doing it alone!

I asked Niv to help me bake some pastries for the Monkey. I figured I had to do it so I could cross that off my to-do-as-a-girlfriend list. Damn that imaginary list is making me do things I would never done in my sane mind!

It turned out to be REALLY fun (but that's because almost everything I do with Niv is fun! Even if we're sitting like a bunch of potatoes).

HAHA the cupcakes turned out to be of various sizes (due to my bad portioning skills). Still I think it makes a nice concept >:D Too bad the raspberries squashed from their journey back to Niv's house!

The vanilla cupcakes with raspberry frosting & nutty banana muffins for the Monkey! Can't get over how cute the doilies are! We wanna bake some more just so that we can use it again!!!

The chef's (Niv, not meeee) marinated chicken legs and sweet potato! It was really yummy~ I felt so healthy eating it :P

Cooking and baking took us ~3 hours (it passed by pretty quickly) and drained most of my energy LOL! I'm such a weakling :-P

So happy in her kitchen :P Her lil bro was super hyper the entire time and kept saying random stuffs! Randomness runs in the family :P
THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME NIV (I know ya reading this >:D)!!! It was fun and I think that next time we'll definitely try some other recipes!

As for what I wore today: my favorite outfit to throw on when I feel lazy. Everything is from Zipia from 2 years ago :P The cardigan is so soft that whenever I wear it, I can't stop patting myself D;

I will post a better OOTD once the weather becomes warm again! Gotta hop into the car because my parents are honking me to go practice driving~