Moving forward

Starting this week, I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sundays which means less free time and more money YAY!

I went to Lu's graduation convocation this Wednesday, the founder of Aldo group made a speech and it was very touching. I'm very envious of people who have passionate dreams because quite frankly, I don't really have any dreams. I have hobbies but there's nothing in particular that I enjoy extremely. I have come to accept the fact that I'll just work in the future for money, not for passion.

I had a really fun time being Lu's personal photographer of the day :D

LOL I can totally see this line up for Lumama's wedding (plus or minus a bajillion girls, this one's a popular one) :P It's funny, I actually missed out when Lu went on stage because DK came and wanted to get her flowers and we went all the way to Marche Atwater during the ceremony to get her some flowers :P This boy got distracted by everything: strawberries, herbs, chocolates and maple :P

The mandatory hat throwing! Lu actually gave in her hat at the same time as her robe but because we didn't take a good hat throwing picture yet we went back for it!

Thao and Mymy are very amused by the hat throwing :P

Look at this proud girl! It's funny, her parents felt extra lucky that day so they went to the casino :P Did they win anything? I don't think so otherwise Lu would've spazzed about it the next morning :P

The next day, I had my first driving lesson with a real instructor. I wasn't too nervous because I had practiced so many times with my dad though I've never driven downtown. It was fun and I didn't make too many errors :-P I felt so accomplished that I wanted to chop off my dead hay hair! I haven't had a hair cut for almost 2 years! It's 'cause I got my hair cut SUPER short and permed like some Korean ahjumma (I just asked for a wavy digital perm and the lady who permed my hair was Korean so it turned out into a supa frizzy ugly ass perm TT__TT).

Now the remains of that perm is FOREVER GONE GONE GONE! Never will I get a perm again! My laziness has once again proven to be a bad decision maker!

Zi hair is so light, flowy and soft now! Monkey wouldn't stop touching it and said: "YEAHH Finally my hands dun get stuck and tangled in that hayyyy-airrrrrr!"

There was a sidewalk sale going on around the plateau. It was such a nice mood, with street food and booths selling various toys. The atmosphere was really nice and made me wanna be in Asia/Japan right now!

Just chillin and listening to some Quebecker country music, I kept on staring at this lil girl who had a panda glove toy, she was so cute prancing around ~~~~~ HIHIHIHI, you betcha imma dress up my future kids as lil pandas!

They'll hate me forever BWUAHAHAHA!