Belated 26th Birthday

It's been a while since I've thrown a few random photos together and called it a blog post. Today seems like a fine day to do so since I'm celebrating my birthday belatedly on the blog and in real life. My birthday was last Wednesday but I didn't have time to celebrate because I had a wedding gig the weekend before and the weekend after my birthday. I wanted to take a break from all the editing so Frog and I hopped over to Agrikol to enjoy their patio. They have a special BBQ menu for the patio which is a little bit pricier than their indoor menu but the experience is well worth it. I just love the relaxed backyard vibe with the bright yellow picnic tables and pretty white patio sets. I jokingly told Frog that my dream wedding would be a backyard wedding with sparkling lights dangling from trees and a very warm and homey feeling. We ought to reserve Agrikol right now for our reception. He wasn't too keen on the idea :-/ Anyhow, I'm actually happy to be turning a year older. It means that more experiences, life lessons and beautiful memories awaits and that I'm getting closer to the person I aspire to be. I'm finally starting to achieve a balance between work, personal life and my creative aspirations. I know things will only get better so I'm excited to see what 26 has in store for me! Let's give 26 a BIG WELCOME HUG!