Feeling the LOV

Earlier last week, Eli and I checked out LOV's new downtown location and tried some vegan burgers. They were pretty filling but I gotta say: I still prefer my juicy regular burger. It felt nice to hangout and unwind after work. It's funny to think that a year ago, I didn't really know Eli. She was a friend of a friend whom I met at a Tori Kelly concert and we got along but I'm always wary about referring friends or working in close proximity with friends. The reason is because any work environment can generate tension easily: with tight deadlines, high stress and team work, you're bound to get frustrated from time to time. Fortunately, Eli and I have the same values and work ethic (I think she's even harder working than I am) so naturally we became buddies even outside work. I'm pretty happy that it worked out this way because as we get older, it's harder to start new friendships. We often have so many things to juggle on our plates that making time to nurture a new relationship can be daunting. This is a reminder for me to prioritize friendships and make time for the people that count.