L'Amour du Pain

Frog and I spend most evenings strolling in our neighbourhood and we often stumble on cafes/bakeries in mid-construction and make a mental note to visit when they open. I've been waiting for L'Amour du Pain to open ever since I spotted their stylish rose-gold stools and googled images of their chocolate croissants. So on a sunny Monday morning, we decided to grab breakfast there. My mind was set on a chocolate croissant and Frog got an olive bread shaped as a leaf. The croissant was flaky and not overly oily (which I like) and there were small bits of chocolate inside. I wished that I asked to pop my croissant in the microwave for a few seconds because nothing is better than some melted chocolate :Q Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my croissant, it had just the right amount of crisp and chew. They had a huge selection of breads, baguettes, pastries, tarts and sandwiches and their shelves displayed artisanal coffee, soda and jam products. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the bakery: it fits so well with Griffintown. Next time I want to try a slice of their cakes: they're almost too pretty to eat!