Panda meets Koala in Calgary

I still remember meeting Jackie almost 9 years ago; it was the first day of Cegep and I didn't know a single soul. I walked into the cafeteria and sat down at a lone table (not wanting to stand out). Facing my table, a cute girl smiles at me, she was also sitting alone and the rest is history! After undergrad, Jackie moved to Calgary to pursue her accounting career but we maintained regular contact via texts and FB chats. I've always wanted to visit Banff but I told myself that since Jackie lives in Calgary (which is close to Banff), I'd drop by eventually... that is until Jackie announced that she was going to move to Toronto this July. It was my final chance to visit or die. Coincidentally, this year falls on Canada's 150th anniversary so all national parks are free (if you apply for a pass). All the stars were aligned and I booked my plane ticket within a week. When I told my friends that I was visiting Calgary, most of them didn't bat a lash. Not the most exciting place I know, but definitely good for some down time. Jackie and her boyfriend Daniel made sure I made the most out of my vacation by showing me around town and preventing me from napping. We ate, shopped and ate some more.  They were the most generous hosts, letting me sleep in the bed room and paying for most of my meals *O*! I felt absolutely pampered, I didn't want to leave! Anyhow, I concluded that any place with good friends is a place worth visiting. The company is just priceless =)