Stacey & Brandon's Engagement at Verger LaFrance

On a sunny Saturday morning, I hopped into a car with Stacey and Brandon and we whisked off to the picturesque Verger LaFrance for an engagement session. The weather has been extremely bipolar this year so I anxiously called the orchard every couple of days to ask for a blooming report. I even visited on Wednesday evening and was disappointed because the flowers were still in buds. We really wanted to shoot at the orchard so we crossed our fingers and hoped the flowers would wake up by Saturday. We were surprised by an orchard in full bloom when we stepped out of the car :O.  

Stacey found my work through Sam and Ran, whose wedding I shot back in 2015. Sam and Ran are awesome people who hangout with awesome people so I knew we'd get along and as predicted, we spent the entire ride chatting and laughing. From our conversations, I could tell that they were easy-going, caring and giving people. Stacey and Brandon knew each other in passing in school but it wasn't until Brandon moved to Fort McMurray in Alberta after graduation that they started sending each other messages and talking on a regular basis. Brandon didn't know a lot of people when he moved so his chats with Stacey became an anchor in his new life. When I asked Stacey what was special about Brandon, she smiled and said: "he's the whole package!" Brandon shyly dismissed it. "That's what he said about himself a few days ago", Stacey added playfully. As for Brandon, he describes Stacey as an extremely patient and caring person. "She always puts others' needs above her own." as he glanced at his future-wife.  I couldn't stop gushing at my good fortune of meeting these two and I look forward to their wedding in October :)