Laid-back Weekend Vibes

Ahhh the glorious weekend, the light at the end of the work week tunnel. The best type of weekends involve lots of lazy time, friends and delicious food. That's exactly how I spent my last weekend. 
On Saturday, Adri and I lined up at Kem Coba for scoops of salted butter, dulce leche and masala chai icecream. We both had cold/flu symptoms but we couldn't stay away from deliciousness and as always, Kem Coba delivered! We were so satisfied :3 We checked out the MAKE ceramics sale and wandered aimlessly around the Plateau. It felt so nice to walk outside without jackets. Will I jinx it if I say that summer's finally here? 
On Sunday, I met up with Phoebe and Eli for a late birthday brunch at Foiegwa. This place has been on my to-visit list for a long time so I suggested we arrive at opening time to get the best seats. We had a great time catching up and making mock-vacation plans. I'm so jealous of Phoebe who recently went to Tulum, Mexico. It's high on my vacation list but I have no one to go with because it's so hard to coordinate vacation times :(   Oh well, maybe next year. In the meanwhile, we'll enjoy our brief Montreal summer.