Karine & Jeremy Engagement at Westmount Park

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Karine and Jeremy's engagement session at Westmount Park. 
I've been to the Westmount greenhouse on many occasions but I never noticed the park behind the library and boy did I miss out because it's the perfect backdrop for a romantic sunset stroll. Karine requested this location because her fiancee Jeremy grew up in Westmount and spent countless days of his childhood roaming around the lush bushes and attending the nearby church. His family even planted two crabapple blossom trees (the above picture is taken under one of their family trees) in the park. I just love it when the couple incorporates elements that hold strong sentimental value in their photo shoot. It just means that when they look back at their pictures, a flurry of warm emotions will wash over them. We couldn't have asked for better weather that evening: the sun was glowing, the birds were chirping and a gentle breeze caressed the trees. Karine is soft-spoken with a gentle beauty and Jeremy stands tall and is full of charm. They look so good together, I almost couldn't contain my excitement! Let's hope the weather will be as splendid on their wedding day in July!