A Chocolate-y World

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a complete chocoholic! If there's a stash of chocolate somewhere, I'll eat it. If you have a stash of chocolate somewhere, I'll eat it too. So when Adri told me about the Cacao 70 Factory that opened near our neighborhoods, I couldn't wait to pay a visit! Heading the factory are the previous owners of Le Petit Trianon, a cosy little coffee shop in Westmount that closed a year ago. They had to close their cafe because the owners were offered this golden opportunity that required all their time and attention. But it was a worthy sacrifice because this place is a sensory experience of its own! The Cacao 70 Factory is different from their retail eateries because it functions as a testing ground for new recipes. They have a limited menu of drinks and mostly manufacture their adorably packaged chocolate bars. Because it was a sweltering hot day, Adri and I each got a frappucino: salted caramel for me and mochacino for Adri. I love the industrial interior mixed with the millenium pink metal accents. They have giant windows and  ample seating room for big groups and small groups to enjoy a chocolatey experience. I'm so excited that it's only a 10-minute walk from my apartment! You know where to find me!