Maternity Session with Yingying

A few weeks ago, Yingying asked me if I would be down to shoot her maternity session. The first time I got asked to shoot a maternity session, I didn't have the confidence to accept the offer. This year, I've decided to push my boundaries and get more intimate with my subjects therefore I agreed on the spot. I shot Yingying and Michael two years ago and we had such a good time; they are the sweetest couple and I'm so happy that they're expecting a baby girl this summer. When it comes to being in front of the camera, Yingying is like a fish in water. Michael claims to be shy but he was just as smooth. When you're that much in love, gentle embraces and soft kisses come naturally. I thought I would feel a bit awkward when we got more intimate but instead, I was in awe of Yingying's body. She is tiny and the bump looked so heavy yet she still carried herself with grace and beauty. I think baby Mia could hear the shutter click because she kept moving around. We even got to witness her little kicks. She wants to be part of the photoshoot! Once again we had a lot of fun and I wish Yingying and Michael a smooth delivery. I can't wait to see little Mia, mixed babies are the cutest!

(I chose not to display some sets out of modesty and humbleness toward Yingying and Michael's family.)