Labor of Love

Over the weekend, I downloaded an app called Th3rd Wave which shows you all the indie cafes in Montreal and I stumbled upon Cafe Nomade. As soon as I saw the high ceilings, blue accents and frazzled artwork in an industrial setting, I knew I had to visit... and SOON! Cafe Nomade is nestled within BOXOTEL, an eco-conscious and simple hotel for the nomads on the go. The down-stair basement is an open art gallery that oozes with the most gorgeous natural light. There are cozy sofas scattered around and mobile desks for you to work, study, relax or reflect on the meaning of life. The cafe is open until 11PM on weekdays so it's an ideal place to unwind after work if you're not into 5 a 7's. Since I couldn't wait to explore this cafe on a weekend, I eagerly dragged my coworker Eli with me after work to check it out. I had forgotten my excitement for cafe hopping and I really missed it :( 
I missed creating for the sake of creating. I missed documenting a slice of my ordinary life. Sometimes I need to remind myself that not everything worth doing has to have a monetary goal or a utility. If you love doing what you do, than that should be reason enough to pursue it (of course, assuming that you have ways to pay the bills). So let's hope I will deliver on my silent promise to do more of what I love and think less of the outcome for 2017.