You give me the chills baby

"Itttt's chill-eh brrr but I don't give a darn because it's mid-May and it's time to transition to cold brews and iced coffee!" I rant to Frog as I shiver meh timbers while stubbornly downing my iced latte.  It's been quite a while since Frog and I got to visit a cafe leisurely. He's been studying hard for his exams and he finally finished last week! To cleanse his mind from the post-exam trauma, we decided to do some preliminary planning of our dream trip at new cafe. Cafe St-Henri in the Quartier Latin recently renovated and their new interior is bright and full of youthful energy. It is the perfect spot to get our planning juices flowing. They have spacious tables, fast Wifi, and they even have a depanneur attached to the coffee shop! Since the cafe is located near a college, it attracts a lot of students. The shelves are  stocked with student dietary staples such as sodas, pretzels/chips and candy bars. It even has deodorant in case your cramming marathon turns into a sweating marathon.  And even if you're not a student, who doesn't like jellybeans from a gumball machine :D?