Secret Wedding in the Woods

Sometimes the best opportunities come unannounced and you barely have time to scramble your thoughts together before it's all over. That's what happened when I received a text the night before Matthew and Jeanne's secret wedding ceremony. There had been a snow storm that weekend and their photographer got into a car accident. Fortunately, the photographer hadn't been injured but her car was wrecked so she had to cancel at the last moment. Matthew told me over the phone that their wedding was a secret wedding ceremony with only the closest family and friends because they planned to move to Qatar in a few weeks.  At first, I was hesitant because I felt unprepared but as always, Frog pushed me to go with my instincts and accept the gig. The weather forecast didn't look pretty for wedding day but we couldn't have had better weather by the time of the reception: the sun was shining, icy rain turned into gentle powder snow and the woods sheltered us from the cold winds. The whole ceremony was so genuine, pure and intimate and I couldn't have felt more welcome by their families and friends. Jeanne is kind-hearted, down to earth with a quirky personality (she had asparagus and broccoli in her bouquet!). Matthew was a total gentleman with a warm personality. The chemistry between them was so natural and I couldn't believe that I had the good fortune to capture their love and care for each other.