A Decade in the Making

My heart is bursting from excitement for Calisa and Daniel who got married two weekends ago at Pinegrove country club! If you think highschool sweetheart stories are enough to melt your heart then you should hear their story. It all started in elementary school, young Daniel saw Calisa on the school bus and thought she was the cutest girl ever.  Sadly, Calisa did not have the same impression of Daniel and soon he slipped out of her mind. They met again in secondary school and this time Daniel was determined to make an impression. Calisa was shy around boys so it was hard to talk to her during recess. Daniel was the opposite: bubbly and friendly, he could get along with anybody in a heartbeat. Without knowing it Daniel landed himself in the friend zone. "What to do now?" Daniel thought... *lightbulb goes on* he decided to approach Calisa via MSN chat. Oh the good old days. At first, they were simple exchanges of hi and how are you's, but soon they started to talk more and more until Daniel finally reeled in Calisa. They dated throughout their adolescence and coming of age.
This period of time is particularly vulnerable because most of us haven't embraced ourselves fully let alone embrace another human being. So how do you know who to pick as your life partner? The answer revealed itself as Calisa continued recounting their story to me. She did not sugar coat or gloss over the difficulties. They revealed that they also had a lot of hardship and their relationship almost did not withstand the test of time. True love is a choice and in the end, they chose each other over their individual desires and pride. They chose each other consciously every single day. Their dedication and endurance is worthy of celebration and friends gathered from far and wide to celebrate their union. 
The ceremony and reception took place at the Pinegrove Country Club in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Who would've know that this hidden gem was only a 10 minute drive from my house? The venue was beautiful: the wooden interior felt intimate and classic. The catering staff was extremely professional and courteous. The food was delicious and if I wasn't busy photographing, I'd be busy devouring every single bite of my chicken and potatoes! 

What's a wedding without some PG-13 games? After all this is when the bride and groom are supposed to finally "unite" *wriggly eyebrows*. I guess it got too heated that my camera couldn't focus anymore haha :P  
(I'm sad that I took this photo from the wrong angle, the bride and groom were supposed to be backlit TT___TT I was too nervous to miss the "first dance kiss")

CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN TO DANIEL AND CALISA! I can confidently say that everyone at the wedding had a blast because they made sure to involve the guests in everything they did. There was so much joy in the crowd and every single guest hit the dance floor at the end of the night!