Meet me at La Finca

*Head pops out* *flails arms vigorously* Hey you! I know that you are there! How about you lend me a hand so that I can pull free from the waves of adulthood? Thanks buddy :) I thought that I was going to get pulled under *breathes sigh of relief*.  Can you believe that it's already mid-September?  I must have been under water because I did not see the summer days pass by. A handful things have happened since the last time I blogged: Frog and I visited Iceland, I moved out of my parent's house,  I have a wedding gig at the end of this month and I've restarted my insurance courses.   Now that I'm no longer locked inside the office 7 days out of 7, I plan on reviving my hobby of cafe hopping. La Finca is one of the new kids on the block that Frog and I had planned to visit. It is located near Chinatown in a bright and accommodating space. No need to fight for plugs at La Finca because they got you covered with plenty of outlets.  Plus the staff is super friendly so it's like hopping over to a friend's house and studying at their dinner table. They have secluded meeting rooms that you can reserve for study groups, business meetings or if you'd like a little privacy.   It's pretty amazing to witness the coffee culture evolve to include co-working spaces due to the shift of the gig economy. More than ever, people work as freelancers and independent contractors who have the freedom to work wherever they want, whenever they want.