Buttery Sundays

A few Sundays ago, Frog and I woke up early to explore the newest places in town: we got our caffeine fill from Esquina and enjoyed a hearty brunch at Butterblume. We went back to Frog's apartment by noon to take a nap, my favourite way to spend a Sunday :)  I don't get to enjoy lazy weekends these days because I've been piling up the overtime at work and accepting photo gigs here and there. I shot my friend's surprise baby shower last weekend and in two weeks, I'll be shooting a friend's wedding and a bridal shower! As tiring as it can be, I haven't felt this alive in a while! There's just something about photographing hope, love and happiness that fills me up and for once, I'm completely satisfied. I forget about all my worries and I'm lost in a trance. Yes, I'm still afraid that my friends/clients won't like my photos but instead of avoiding the fear, I'll hug it like it's a big mushy teddy bear! Failures, disappointments and challenges are the best teachers and as long as you keep your heart open, you'll be able to surmount them.