Shower of Treats

Earlier this month, I got to shoot an amazingly sweet bridal shower! I was introduced to the bride-to-be by my super agent Diane (she gets all my gigs for me!) and I was so excited to shoot a backyard party under the glowing afternoon sun that I spent hours saving photos of garden parties for inspiration. Sadly, I couldn't have been more wrong about the weather since it poured cats and dogs that day. Instead, the party was held indoors with various lighting conditions: blue and gloom daylight seeping through the windows and artificial lighting casting sharp shadows.  I have to admit that my weakness is shooting under artificial light. No matter how bright it is, I just can't get the right white balance setting. These pictures went through a lot of post-processing to get the colors and brightness to my liking. I tell myself that life is often unpredictable and sometimes challenging situations serve to push you forward and teach you to be flexible. 

I'm so grateful for Mel and Jeff to give me a chance to photograph their special moments. I love capturing genuine moments of happiness: a silly face here or a gentle touch there. Mel looked glowing in her show-stopper embellished skirt and a simple strappy top. Second to her beauty was the gorgeous dessert spread laid by the mother-in-law. I'd lie if I said that I wasn't distracted by all the yummy treats : Q   The bridesmaids arranged games and quizzes for the couple's family and friends. There was a lot of laughter, excitement and the whole house exuded merry vibes. I wish both of you a wonderful journey ahead :)