The Amalfi Blues

If you are planning a trip to the Amalfi coast, we suggest that you base yourself in Sorrento where the hotels are cheaper yet it's close and convenient enough for you to visit the many coastal towns on a day trip. For 8 euros, you can get a 24 hour hop-on-hop-off bus pass. The roads are super narrow and swervy so prepare yourself for a nauseating but worthwhile ride! Frog and I took the bus to visit the towns of Amalfi and Ravello (make sure you eat lunch after the bus trip). Amalfi lends its name to the coast and is famous for its gorgeous Byzantine-style Cathedral. Ravello is perched higher on the cliffs than the other towns and it's famous for its luxurious villas, gardens and musical performances. The day started out sunny and promising but a unexpected downpour rained on my mood to take photos. Such a shame because Ravello looked so dreamy in the rain. 

During this trip, Frog and I talked about how fortunate we are to be able to travel for leisure. In the past, I would've defended myself by saying that I saved up my money through hard work therefore I deserved a vacation. But now, I know things are not that simple. Travel is a privilege, not a right. Not everyone has the freedom, the money, the time and health to jet off. That's why we wanted to make the most of our trip and see as much as possible. Switching to this mindset also made our return back home easier because we were more aware of the fortunate circumstances that allowed us to travel in the first place: our stable jobs with paid vacation time, supportive family and friends, our health... All simple things that we forget from time to time.