Coasting Along Positano

While Googling pictures of the Amalfi coast, I was struck by the otherworldly images of Positano: the cliff hugging colorful houses, the incredible sunsets, the rows of parasols that look like candies on the beach. I imagined that Frog and I would spend our days relaxing on the beach overlooking the gorgeous turquoise blue waters or enjoying a lemon sorbet after a hike under the sun. Instead we were met with a moody weather forecast. It was overcast most of the time with the sun peeking through the rain clouds of curiosity. Sometimes you don't get what you expect but you still get a pleasant surprise: the low hanging clouds and soft light gave Positano a very serene look. Despite the fact that the high season was just starting, there were already many tourists eager to take a bite out of this dream-like destination.    Frog and I stayed at the Venus Bed & Breakfast: it had the most amazing hillside and ocean view. Our host, Gippy was extremely friendly and made us feel welcome. He was always up for a friendly chat and offered us advice on what to see and where to go. Originally from Rome, Gippy worked as a salesman selling various goods and services. It was a very stressful lifestyle and whenever people saw him: they'd roll their eyes and go: "ahhh not another one..." So when his grandfather offered him to take over the B&B, he didn't hesitate. In Positano, he worked as a barman in one of the resorts and met his future-wife while she was on vacation from Hungary. It's the ultimate vacation love story! 

We met the chillest cats here: they'd approach you to offer you their butts to scratch and didn't give you attitude if you didn't rub them in their preferred spot. Now that's what I call the Positano effect: even the cats are laid back and friendly :)