Roman Holiday

Ciao! Frog and I are back from our one week trip to Italy. The weather was cloudy and chilly during most of our stay. I got too optimistic about the warm weather so I underpacked and caught a cold. All the nose-blowing, sneezing and itchy-eye-rubbing could not stop me from enjoying the beauty we experienced during this trip. Our first stop was Rome and from the Eternal City, we travelled to the sun-filled Amalfi coast passing by Pompei, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. Even though we are physically back, my soul missed the plane and is now lingering in one of the gelateria's back in Rome licking a pistachio gelato. 

Like a good tourist, we checked off the must-see sights: the Colosseum (jam packed with people), the Vatican (jam packed with people), St-Peter's Basilica (didn't even go in because the security entrance was jam packed with people), the Trevi fountain (if going into the water was legal, it would have been the human sprinkler), the pantheon (do I even need to repeat myself?) and enjoyed some people-watching in the many piazzas. Frog and I were in awe of the history embedded in each building; it has seen so much throughout the centuries! It's amazing that they maintained their beauty through rise and fall. Apart from the sightseeing, we fulfilled every single one of our food duties: had cappucino and cornetti for breakfast, ate the creamiest gelato ever, tasted the quintessential Roman artichoke, slurped spaghetti like a noob (because over there people use spoons for their spaghetti), chowed down on some gigantic meatballs, digged through a whole box of banana tiramisu and devoured porchetta sandwiches like true piggies. Frog had pizza for lunch every single day. In Italy, the pizza is as big as two heads and costs only a couple of euros. We really indulged in our roman holiday :)