Warm Vibes

At the end of this week, Frog and I will be flying to Italy to eat as much pasta and gelato as we possibly can. We are super excited because this will be our first overseas trip together :) Initially, we had wanted to road trip along the west coast: fly into LA and drive our way up to San Francisco along Highway 1. I had planned everything and I was so excited to visit some places I had missed out from my last trip to LA. Sadly, the CAD-US exchange rate is so bad right now that I felt like we would spend the equivalent if we went to Europe. I really wanted to go somewhere relaxing and Frog wanted to go to Italy so we decided we would road trip along the Amalfi coast instead.
For now, we will save the road trip for another time besides we could always pretend we're in sunny California by visiting Venice. It's a new restaurant that opened in old port with beachy vibes and a focus on healthy foods. Montrealers love their poutine but sometimes you gotta put the gravy drenched fries aside and opt for a green smoothie and salad. I predict that this place will be very popular this summer with the tourists since it's located in trendy old port so you'd better visit now before it gets too packed.