The Start of Something Great

This past week has been full of new things. On Tuesday, I got my Invisalign aligners fitted and I'm officially a brace face (don't get too close or I might spit all over you XD). I expected to get headaches from the pressure but they are actually very comfortable and subtle. I have 42 aligners and each 2 weeks, I will switch onto the next set. The whole treatment will take a little bit over one year and half. I'm extremely excited for the result but I'm happy to relish the process, even if it means that I can't eat as much as I'd like. Earlier this year I blogged about how change usually doesn't occur in big leaps, but through the build-up of mundane and small things. Just like my teeth, they are inching towards straightness if you steer and pressure them in the right ways. I'm so happy that my parents did not have enough money for traditional braces so that I could grow into my skin, accept myself for the way I looked and decide that I wanted to do this for my own sake, rather than to hide an insecurity :) You can fix a lot of things on the outside but you can never fix the broken things inside if you do not choose to fix them.

On Thursday, I had a study day and after I finished my exam, Frog and I strolled through the old port with my new ONA camera bag courtesy of Pop & Confetti!  I have been looking for a fashionable camera bag ever since I bought my full frame but I was too reluctant to spend a couple hundred dollars on one. Pop & Confetti kindly gave me one as a thank you gift.  It's the perfect mix between functional and fashionable! 

Today was my last day in the call center and even though I will be working for the same company, in the same building, it felt so bittersweet. We had such a great team spirit and everyone got along well. We teased each other but in a loving family kind of way. For once, I am looking forward to Monday: it will be a whole new challenge that I'm super excited to tackle!