Draw me like your French girls

Two weekend ago, I met up with Tracy and Phil to hang out and take some couple photos. We took advantage of Breather's free hour to rent a nice and bright studio. Breather is a Montreal-based start up that allows you to rent a space to "work, meet or relax". All of their spaces are minimally and tastefully decorated. I LOVE this app and I've used it before to organize a closet sale. It's super easy to use, you just need to sign up and you can select the space you want to rent, enter your credit card information (you get one free hour) and when you get to the space, they send you a pin number when your time slot opens up. There is no interruption, no awkward justifications of why you need a space, just comfort and privacy.  I enjoy shooting in cafes but I always feel like I'm disturbing private property.  Last time we shot, we got warned by the cafe staff and now I cannot show my face at Le Cardinal *boohoo*. That's why Breather is the best thing ever hehe ;-P! They have great customer service, I even got to chat personally with their marketing guy :) 

Okay, I went off on a huge tangent about Breather -cough- now back to my subjects: Tracy and Phil. This is the second time that I am shot these two and they were just as playful as the first time around. Phil mimicked Kate from Titanic and doodled funny stick figures of Tracy. Tracy tried to make Phil jealous by kissing a plant. It's always fun to photograph these two. During the photo shoot, I was worried about how the photos would turn out since we had an overbearing amount of light coming through the window. In the end, I think the pictures turned out pretty well. The brightness of these photos exude a clean and Springy feel.  If only Mother Nature can get a clue and start warming up :O