Sunshine in Capri

Hello :) Just thought that I'd brighten a mundane Wednesday with some photos taken in Capri. Capri is a must-stop destination if you enjoy hiking and scenic views or if your wallet is robust enough to take a beating at all the designer shops (we are definitely in the former category). Frog and I took the ferry from Positano early in the morning to enjoy a full day in Capri. We were loaded onto the ferry like sardines but the Italians knew what they were doing because we managed to fit neatly into the boat. The ride was incredibly relaxing: the ocean breeze caressing our faces and the early sun showering us with warm rays. When we got to Capri, we decided to hike up to the city center instead of taking a funicular. Frog and I took the hard trails going up and down the coast line, into the forest and down cliffs. I have not exercised this hard since the year started! When you exercise hard, you gotta eat hard so I treated myself to two cups of gelato to end the day : } *smirk*.   Sadly, we did not get to tour the entire island because yours truly was a big lazy butt and I just wanted to sit on the beach and enjoy my icecream. That's what a vacation is supposed to be about right?