Good Things

Hello Past Lena from 2014, this is Future Lena speaking to you from 2016! I know how things haven't been going too well for you and that's why I'm writing this post to you, to tell you that everything in the future is A-okay :) I can't speak for Future Lena 2020 but for now, we're in a really good spot :) 

Last week, I got offered the Bilingual Medical Underwriter position and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest when I found out! Things had been spinning pretty quickly in the last few weeks and I consider it a great fluke that I found this job position right when I finished my mandatory 18 months in the call center. I want to silently thank Frog for all the nagging he did to keep me on track for my studies. I tend to get comfortable and procrastinate and he made sure I got an earful of nags whenever I took it easy.  I will be starting this new position mid-April and at the same time, I'll be getting my Invisalign aligners fitted so the timing couldn't have been more perfect.
To celebrate all these good things, Frog and I hopped to Agrikol, a hip new Haitian restaurant in town. The restaurant opens at 6pm and there was already a line-up before the doors opened. The interior decor is vibrant and tropical with an impressive two-story high bar.  We feasted on pork chops, oxtail, griot pork, rice with beans, fried plantains and unlimited sauerkraut. My pork chop was so tender and flavorful, it practically melted off the bone and right into my mouth OH NOM NOM! After we devoured the food, we both sat there feeling full, happy and grateful for all the good things in life.