A Majestic Feast

Le Majestique has been on our brunch list since last summer but Frog and I kept putting it off because we're both too lazy to walk the 15 minutes it requires to get there from his apartment. No wonder both our waistlines have been expanding *sigh*.  We finally mustered enough willpower this weekend to walk to Le Majestique and it was totally worth it! We were the first customers of the day and I snapped away with no shame (after asking permission).
Le Majestique is a cocktail lounge that specializes in seafood, oysters and diner-inspired appetizers. Their brunch menu only had 5 items: Frog ordered poached eggs with brussel sprouts and side veggies drizzled with balsamic vinegar while I got a seasonal veggie skillet covered with parmesan, bacon pieces and eggs. I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out so I chewed on the bacon pieces with my front teeth but despite the technical difficulties, my palate really enjoyed the comforting flavors. Frog wholeheartedly approved his dish and we are already thinking of going back with some friends for their funky cocktails :-)

Posting food photos at 11:00pm is never a good idea, I'm starving but I can't eat anything because I'm too lazy to brush my teeth again TT_TT.