The best is the enemy of the good

Frog and I drove to Toronto for the New Year to visit his mom. We had all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ on New Year's eve and the kalbi was so tender and flavorful, I fell into a food coma from its tastiness and missed the countdown *oops*.  The past year has been a relatively smooth one: I accomplished the goals that I had set for myself at work, started planning my financial future, became more open to photographic opportunities and looked for ways to invest in myself in the long-term. In the past, I was always looking for short term rewards: the entire chocolate bar that I gobbed up in one sitting that caused cavities, the trendy shirt (or ten) that ended up in the back of my closet, the last-minute assignments handed in with embarrassing typos. I never gave much thought to the long term consequences of my choices. 

Indulging in all these habits made me feel like a puppy running after its tail: you run so hard yet you don't catch anything. It makes me really sad to see hard work deplete into dust because of inconsistency. I recently read a book called The Compound Effect. It's about how small decisions and harmless habits can yield major results both positive and negative with time (a lot of time). So rather than tackling the New Year with grandiose resolutions, we should take baby steps towards our goals. Start by contributing $20.00 toward your retirement fund, add one green vegetable to your daily meal, sleep 15 minutes earlier tonight. Easy behaviours are easy to maintain therefore they will solidify into a positive habit :) Let's make 2016 a shining year!