A Takoyaki kinda night

 What's going on? Am I seeing right? *rubs eyes* two blog posts in two days? Yesh guys, I'm off for 2.5 days this Christmas and I'm enjoying every second of it WOOOT WOOOT! How glorious does it feel to wake up naturally without the pressing sound of the alarm? I would've stayed in bed all day long if I had not made plans to catch up with Adri and Lily. We visited a cat cafe and played with their feisty cats, we bought matching thick tights from Urban Outfitters (they were such a steal, 2 pairs for 12$!) and decided to go for some deliciously deep fried Japanese comfort food at Kinoya Izakaya.

We decided to go all out since it was our last meal together before the New Year so we ordered all the appetizers on the happy hour menu :D We scarved down our food so quickly that our brains did not have the time to process what was going on. By the time it finally got a clue, it was already too late: 10 plates had been licked clean. Izakayas have been sprouting up all over town this year. Out of all the ones I'ved visited, I enjoyed Kinoya's atmosphere the most. When I think of an izakaya, I think about a casual pub that's warm and inviting, that's exactly how Kinoya felt to me. The wooden walls jotted out from their usual spatial arrangement as if they wanted to eat,drink and be merry with the guests. Kinoya was empty when we arrived at 5pm but quickly began to fill up as time went by. The takoyaki was particularly delicious: the perfect mix of crunchy on the outside and creamy/doughy on the inside. We were so delighted that we ordered a second serving. It took a bit of time for our second order to arrive but it was worth every bite -nom noms-!