Peekaboo, I found you!

When Diane told me that her boyfriend JT was coming over for Christmas, we excitedly made plans for a photoshoot. You guys have no idea how many times we attempted to plan a photoshoot only to experience a last minute change in plans. Back in undergrad, we lived in the same residence complex and it was easy for us to grab my camera, a stylish jacket and take photos against the pretty backdrops of St-Anne-de-Bellevue. Now that we have graduated, it's difficult to find a convenient time for both of us. Diane travels to amazing places around the world for her job and JT lives in the States so it's quite amazing that we managed to squeeze some time during the holidays :) As soon as I finished my half-day at work, I hopped into their car for an adventure!

We had our eyes set on this black and white graffiti nook on St-Laurent and decided that this was the day that we were going to shoot there. We also planned to shoot at Brooklyn Cafe but it was already closed for the holidays. When in doubt, just drive around. When it comes to photoshoots, I feel that picking two to three locations always yield the best results. The first location is the warm-up, the couple is a bit shy and we don't know what to do with their hands. Me: hold her waist...uhh no wait that's a bit awkward, how about put your hands in your pockets? Hmm... nah that looks off... *starts sweating* oh gosh, how about you chop off your hands?
In the second location, the couple gets a bit more comfortable. We've taken a couple of shots and they know what looks good and what doesn't. By the time we get to the last location, they are showing their true colors, the fake smiles curve into genuine laughter, the body releases its tension and they look relaxed. I guess what they say about keeping the best for last really applies in this context :)