Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

I'm so excited to present Ran & Sam's wedding pictures. A few weekends ago, this lovely couple tied the knot at the Church they have attended since they were young. The wedding was split into two days with the ceremony on the first day and the reception dinner on the second day. Ran and Sam are actively involved in their Church community and they were followed by a mob of fans wherever they went. Ran was glowing like an angel and Sam looked like the happiest man on Earth :)
It was my first time attending a Christian wedding and I was moved by the heartfelt sermon, the prayer songs and poem reciting. During the sermon, the priest talked about the reasons people get married. The major reasons being companionship, convenience (financial, sex), commitment  and when these things fail, people give in and decide to get divorced. The priest said that what people forget is that marriage is supposed to mold your character. By testing your patience on a daily basis,  by bending you in ways you never thought possible, by forcing you to set aside your pride and work towards a common goal. The institution of Marriage is meant to mold your character to resemble God.  I'm not a believer but I thought it was a beautiful reminder to the couple that through their vows, they are promising to grow into better humans together.