Fall Into My Arms

For the past few weekends, Mother Nature has been very generous: showering us with plenty of sunshine and warmth. We couldn't have picked a better weekend to shoot at the Botanical Gardens with Ying Ying and Michael. Back in May, I had promised to take some photos for her after I came back from Spain & Portugal. Somehow, these plans slipped through the cracks until recently. When I asked Ying Ying if she was still interested, she replied with a lot of enthusiasm and exclaimed: "I'm super excited but Michael is not." Well... Michael did a good job of hiding it because he looked pretty happy and excited throughout the photo shoot. Ying Ying was a natural model and I didn't have to direct too much. She knew how to strike a pose and flash a genuine smile on demand. Michael who seemed hesitant at first, warmed up after a while :) In my experience, guys are always reluctant at first but they get over it quickly after seeing the results.  Ying Ying kindly treated us to a hot bowl of spicy pho after the photo shoot. Thank you for being my models and a special shoutout to Adri for helping me edit the photos (and holding their bags throughout the shoot)!