This is Food Paradise

November blew me away with its briskness: I can't believe it's almost December! These pictures were taken at the beginning of the month when Frog and I hopped to Toronto to celebrate his birthday. We were really lucky because the weather was mild and sunny the entire weekend! How good did it feel to leave work on a Wednesday evening knowing that your weekend just started? Pretty dayum good!  Like a squirrel in anticipation of winter, we stuffed our faces with as much deliciousness as we could. For Frog's birthday, we went to an escape room with a bunch of his friends and we had so much fun. We didn't solve all the clues by the end of the hour but we were so into the game that we had completely forgotten about the time constraint.  It had been a while since I felt such an adrenaline rush :) Toronto, we're already looking forward to come back!