Deborah & Tak's Special Night

At the beginning of August, I was given a delightful opportunity to shoot Deborah and Tak's wedding dinner at the Chinatown Holiday Inn. I was contacted by the bride a month earlier at the suggestion of Diane's sister-in-law, Karsee. At first, I was a bit afraid to take this gig because my photography buddy Adrienne had a wedding on the same day. Me: What if the couple aren't satisfied with my photos? I don't want to disappoint them and charge them for it :O Frog: Lena, you are going to disappoint people. That's just how life works but you have to learn from the experience so that you'll know how to do a better job next time.  I pondered at Frog's words and thought that Frog was right. I couldn't let fear of failure keep me from moving forward so I decided to grab this chance with both hands. 

Deborah and Tak had gotten married a year earlier in Hong Kong and were hosting an evening for their friends and family in Montreal so they were laid-back and all smiles. The dinner was relaxed and this time, I didn't have to dodge all the relatives holding cameras. Deborah and Tak were very generous and allowed me to sit with their guests for the supper. We had all kinds of delicious foods: stir-fried lobster, general tao chicken, tender beef sauteed with veggies, crispy noodles and cake as light as air!  I focused a lot on the bride when it came to spontaneous shots but there were other important guests that were equally important photographic subjects that I missed. But every mistake is a chance to get it right next time. I was surprised to find out that I really enjoyed shooting guest photos.  I also learned that a LED light does not cut it, I gotta invest in a flash. This experience has taught me so much and I'm grateful that I was encouraged to take this opportunity.