Ran-away with Sam

Last weekend, Ran & Sam asked me if I could take some quick engagement photos for them. I was happy to follow them with my camera because they are such a cute couple. We had planned to get up really early to catch the diffused morning light but we fell behind schedule so the sun was already bright and high by the time we got to Parc de la Cité-du-Havre. Nevertheless, we got there early enough to avoid any curious onlookers. We had a lot of fun laughing at the bloopers and they allowed me to position them in all kinds of awkward poses which was great because now I know which poses work in your head but not in real life. Through this photo shoot, I learned to pay attention to small details that might ruin a picture. Details such as a hairband on Ran's wrist (that took me two days to Photoshop out) or Sam's blue t-shirt that poked out of his shirt (could not be salvaged by Photoshop).  

These are the first photos that I edited using my new laptop and I had a color crisis moment when I realized that the colors were different on my old laptop's monitor. It took me a long time to choose an editing style and I learned about Photoshop actions (life saver when you are editing in bulk). It feels great to know that with every shoot, you are learning something new and progressing towards better work.