Tiles & Vines

Today's weather was simply perfect: mid-twenties, sunny with a gentle breeze. We couldn't have asked for a better day to cafe crawl. With my cafe-partner-in-crime Adrienne in tow, we snap-attacked the new café Saint-Henri that opened in Jean-Talon market. Adri had brought me to the old Saint-Henri on notre-dame street and although I liked it, it didn't leave a lasting impression on me. They've relocated this summer and their new location is an attention-grabber. Its clean-cut and serene look reminds me of mix between Tommy and Kitsuné. I love how the different shades of paint on the walls opens up the space.  The cafe also dubs as a shop and displayed various brewing apparatus. We ordered a cold brew which is supposedly sweeter and less acidic due to a different brewing process but we both agreed that our drink tasted like a regular iced coffee. Then again, we're not coffee connoisseurs so we cannot vouch for the quality of the cold brew *whispers* I really like Tim Hortons' iced coffee, please don't shoot me :P!