Moustache Cafe

After an exhausting week at work, nothing felt more relaxing than enjoying a delicious matcha latte in good company at a cute cafe. Adri and I are on a self-imposed shopping ban so we forget our sorrows by sipping drinks at a local coffee shop. Cafe Moustache is a cozy cafe with a huge communal table and old Jackie Chan movies playing on their TV. Their adorable dog mascot was parading in and out of the cafe, looking for a friendly patting. The walls were decorated with abstract paintings, rows of coffee bean dispensers and rainbowy knick-knacks.  The lighting in this place cast interesting duplicate shadows and as always, we could not resist snapping bajillion photos. 

This summer felt so short. I can't believe we are approaching the end of summer. Frog and I are hopping to New York this coming weekend for some major shopping (I kid... I'm still on a ban). I've been to New York in the past but I'm excited to see the city through the eyes of my lens. Please look forward to my picture adventure :)