A Bite of the Big Apple

Over the weekend, Frog and I went to visit his childhood friend, Bull in New York City. My order of the weekend was to eat as many delicious meals as possible. Frog's order of the weekend was to stop me from overstuffing my face and ending up in a comatose state. Our trip was incredibly comfortable because we had our personal tour guide: Bull. He generously paid for most of our meals, taxi trips and provided us tickets to the Metropolitan Art Museum! For a brief moment, I felt like a celebrity because of all the special treatment.

Going to New York is a shopaholic's dream come true but a glance at the current CAD-USD exchange rate is enough to make your heart cry a river. So I restrained myself and only bought the bare necessities from my favourite basics store Uniqlo. Instead of shopping, we strolled through the streets of Williamsburg, walked to the Brooklyn bridge in search for Jane's carousel, visited the China Through the Looking Glass exhibit at the MET,  observed the sailboats in Central Park, walked on the highline, browsed the Chelsea Market and ate a lot of good food:

Il Labotorio del Gelato - This place carries its name well, it is definitely a laboratory for inventive gelato flavours and immense variety. We tried four flavours: fig, mint, honey lavender and cream cheese which were all really delicious! Apparently they are well-known for their herb flavours but with deliciousness comes a price: it's pretty expensive and the portions are small too.

Lady M - Can someone please give an award to the brilliant chef who decided to stack thin crepes and create a Green Tea Mille Crepe cake? The green tea cream was lightly sugared and the crepes were fluffy like a pillow. The texture was a perfect balance between chewiness and softness. Each piece melts wonderfully in your mouth. Beware that you don't get addicted to this stuff because one slice is $8.00 and if you want a whole cake, be prepared to pay a whopping $80.00.

Xi'an Famous Foods - Frog is a hard animal to please: always pouring his rain on everyone's food parade so when he raved about Xi'an's spicy cumin lamb burgers on crunchy buns, I knew it had to be pretty darn good. The lamb wasn't smelly and the spiciness added a nice kick to this dish. I liked the fact that the bun wasn't dripping with sauce so that you can enjoy the full flavour of the meat. If the meal gets too spicy, you can quench your tastebuds with some chrysanthemum iced tea. They also had hand-pulled noodles in the same style as Lanzhou Noodles but with more meat choices such as oxtail, lamb, spicy beef, pork and chicken.