Let them eat cake

In my opinion, there is no better way to start the weekend than to sip a warm latte with a buttery croissant in hand at a quiet coffee shop. The day is still young and all you need is some sugar and caffeine to get your engine started. When I found out there was a cute pastry shop in Adrienne's hood, I knew that we had to visit.  Le Petit Trianon is cute in a dainty feminine way. The decor was sparse yet inviting with its tiny framed Vogue illustrations and handmade dolls.

In the land of pastry trends, a croissant and a cupcake decided to mate and give birth to crocake. Crocakes are filled with a variety of fillings and on the menu that day was passionfruit cream.  It was tasty but a bit messy to eat because the dough is denser than a regular croissant and the filling was exploding from all sides. I really wanted to try the Trianon cake (a type of pudding tart topped with chocolate mousse) but they didn't have any that day :-( Oh well, that will be my excuse to come back!