A Blue Birthday

Frog and I hopped to Bleu Lavande because we wanted to frolic in their lavender fields.  This summer has been chillier than previous summers therefore only 65% of the lavender was in bloom. Despite that fact, we still enjoyed the view and devoured our sandwiches in no time. Frog and I quietly celebrated my 24th birthday by driving around the Quebec countryside. I think many of us dread adding another candle to our birthday cake but I'd like to think of aging as progressing. With each year, we are becoming better at life. We face our fears, overcome obstacles and improve our skills. Even if these changes are barely noticeable on a day to day basis, in aggregate, you are better today than yesterday! 

On an unrelated note, I'm super obsessed with Tori Kelly's song Unbreakable Smile: the lyrics are so uplifting and the beat won't stop looping in my head.